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Successful Launch Project with Major UK Newspaper Publisher

I have just finished a 3 month Launch Management engagement with Johnston Press PLC who is one of the UK's largest regional newspaper publishers with a major web presence for each of it's newspaper titles and a number of key vertical markets.

The Brightcove Services engagement, which has been recognised by all parties as a resounding success, was designed to give Johnston Press a 'leg-up' in terms of video publishing best practice and generally ensuring maximum benefits are gained from adoption of the Brightcove Platform.

Johnston Press faced challenges that are typical for Enterprise-level customers, expressed by the following questions

  • What is the most appropriate method of ingest?
  • What is the best editorial workflow?
  • What is the most efficient form of CMS Integration?
  • How is player configurability  / customisation best tackled ?
  • How is legacy content best migrated?
  • What reporting integration works best?
  • What considerations are relevant to monetisation?
  • What considerations are relevant to content syndication?
  • And many more!

I have to say that Johnston Press has risen to these and other challenges remarkably well and have rolled out phase 1 of their video publishing strategy with a minimum fuss. (See here for an example) I am looking forward to subsequent phases of the roll out. Well done!