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Simple SEO Technique for Single Title Players

We all know that inbound links are good for SEO!

The viral call to action 'get link' appears by default in the standard control strip of the Brightcove player and allows users to quickly copy a link to the current content for their own use. Without any configuration, the link url value points to with additional values that resolve to the current player showing the current video content. This is great for ensuring that when the link is distributed, users will always be directed to the content in question. However, it is not especially good for SEO as the link points to, not to your website. Even if the link is used in a way that does not count for SEO, say distributed via email, it still counts in terms of developing traffic.

A simple SEO technique that is very effective for situations where a single item of video content will always reside on a given page is to modify the 'get link' value to point back to the original page. This can be achieved in a number of ways including by use of a single line of additional JavaScript in the standard player publish code.

For example (publisher ids etc replaced with 'xxx')

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<object id="myExperiencexxx" class="BrightcoveExperience">
  <param name="bgcolor" value="xxx" />
  <param name="width" value="xxx" />
  <param name="height" value="xxx" />
  <param name="playerID" value="xxx" />
  <param name="publisherID" value="xxx"/>
  <param name="isVid" value="true" />
  <param name="@videoPlayer" value="xxx" />
<script type="text/javascript">
document.write('<param name="linkBaseURL" value=' + document.location.href+ '>');

The 'linkBaseURL' parameter updates the 'get link' value and the JavaScript property 'document.location.href' resolves to the current page. So you can see that the link will simply point back to the point of origin.

Brightcove offers a range of powerful features and techniques that can easily be exploited as part of a sound SEO strategy. There is an excellent white paper on the subject, found here, which I recommend as a starting point for anyone considering this subject.