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Showtime Builds Fast-Growing Audience Network with Brightcove Platform

Earlier today, Beet.TV posted an interview with Robert Hayes, SVP and General Manager of Digital Media for Showtime Networks. A customer since 2007, Showtime uses Brightcove to not only power wide-ranging, ad-supported online video programming at, but also to syndicate promotional video content out to a fast-growing network of more than 100 partner websites, 200 entertainment bloggers, and major online video portals. The resulting audience network enables Showtime to promote new programming, market premium subscription packages, and even debut new original series. 

From a PR perspective, Hayes says the network encourages journalists writing reviews of Showtime programming to embed full-length episodes in stories that appear on news media websites. As part of the promotional campaign for Showtime's upcoming original series, Nurse Jackie, starring Edie Falco, they are debuting a full episode online before it airs on the cable network's premium service. 

It has been very exciting and gratifying to see Showtime take full advantage of all the capabilities of the Brightcove platform for such a wide range of business objectives.