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Save Water America with Kohler

On this bright and shiny Earth Day here in Boston, we wanted to call out an interesting online video campaign that one of our customers has embarked on recently.

Kohler, a leading manufacturer of a range of kitchen and bath products, launched its Save Water America campaign earlier this year to educate consumers on how they can conserve water in a variety of different ways. The site features a range of water-saving resources, including a series of educational videos on topics like the three biggest water guzzling bathroom products. To showcase this interesting video content, Kohler, a long-time Brightcove customer, leveraged a customized Brightcove player to provide a high quality, seamless viewing experience. More importantly, visitors to the site are able to post and share videos on popular social sites like Facebook and to help spread the word about Kohler's efforts.

We highly recommend you check out Kohler's microsite for the campaign, Kohler asks all visitors to the site to take a short quiz about their water usage and habits. For every quiz completed, Kohler will donate $1 to Habitat for Humanity to support the organization's sustainable building efforts. Please help us in supporting Kohler's efforts!