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Player Security - shackle it to your domain

A quick one for the Friday afternoon (glorious sunshine in London today!) about Player level security.

It's a absolute must that you protect your content and your rights and Brightcove offers great features to lock things down on all levels.

At the player level don't forget to lock your players to your web domain.   This will prevent your publishing code being screen scrapped and taken away without your consent (a massive security hole in many DIY and commercial video platforms out there).

After creating your player make sure in its Settings (Global tab) you select Restrict to your web domain - then enter your domain (i.e.

This doesn't have to be the specific URL of where your Player is referenced but more the over all domain of your site.   In fact you can leave out the www portion to give you more flexibility.

Once this is set the Brightcove Platform will ensure that when the player is loaded it checks that it is indeed being loaded from your web domain and not some unauthorised 3rd party site.

Oh and don't worry, even if someone does take your publishing code and you don't lock your player to a domain you still have complete control over that player and all its content.  

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Happy Friday everyone!