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Newspaper industry and online video growth -- any hope?

Earlier today we posted a brief piece that talked about our aggregated analysis of growth in online video from the US newspaper industry.  Overall, the data are encouraging across a number of vectors including the volume of content published, the ways in which video is being integrated into the editorial and user experience mix, and the growth in video views.  This is an encouraging glimpse of hope in a business that is struggling in a many other areas.

Business Insider had a brief commentary based on our post, where the essentially message from them was -- it doesn't matter, it's too late, they're all going down in flames (that's my paraphrase).

It's hard to argue that the core local, regional or even national newspaper brands are going to remotely resemble what they have in the past.  Clearly, digital media broadly (and video specifically) are critical to the future of local, regional and national media, and what I would expect we would continue to see are companies who restructure consistently and shed weaker assets and components of the business while re-enforcing and building those parts that will actually grow.