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Guest Blog Post: Hot Spotting 2.0 with Brightcove Alliance Partner Evenhere

So, let's say you're surfing one of many online video sites powered by Brightcove and you see something you would love to have. Say one of the characters in a video is wearing a must-have summer dress and that dress is currently available through a popular retailer. Wouldn't it be cool if you could just click an icon to expose all products in the video and buy it right there (or bookmark it if you aren't ready to buy)? Now with evenhere's plug-in integration with Brightcove you can present products that are time synchronized to when the viewer sees them in any given scene of an online video. Instead of having one banner from one sponsor you can now have multiple product exposures throughout a video.

We designed the evenhere user experience with content in mind. We believe that content will always be king, which means the interface had to be as non-obtrusive as possible. You don't watch a program to find items you would like to buy, but rather you watch a program to be entertained or informed and if you see something you like then you can buy it. With this in mind we knew that our design would need to be a bit different than the traditional hot spotting interfaces you see out there, where you either have to click around in the video or have distracting bugs that follow every product placement in the program. As you can see in our demo, we chose to go with more of a linear presentation with a ticker behavior. This type of presentation also solves the user interaction problem of hot spotting on the television in the living room.

Another key aspect of evenhere is we don't see ourselves as a fashion or lifestyle destination, but rather as an add-on functionality to the online video player - think of it as a bridge into evenhere's interactive product placement engine. Since evenhere's plug-in is fully integrated with Brightcove, this means any Brightcove customer has access to this amazing new revenue opportunity without any kind of integration or development required. Once you establish a connection with evenhere, you're ready to start integrating products into your video.

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Brian Rogers
CEO & Founder