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What's your brand worth to you?

I was chatting with a buddy at one of our smaller broadcast partners and he made an interesting comment to me. As with anything in business, Brightcove's success has brought on a handful of knock-off competitors that claim to do exactly what we do. My pal (VP at this broadcaster) said he recently got a sales call from one of these fledgling firms. After listening to the pitch on how they are just about as good as Brightcove for pennies on the dollar, my buddy politely passed and said he was sticking with Brightcove.

After giving him some good natured grief about taking the call, I asked him why? Why did he pass? Was it that Brightcove's features were much better? Was it the fact that we're an open platform integrated with social media networks, portals, ad networks etc.? Was it his smart, handsome Account Manager? :)

His response was pretty straightforward (and I'm slightly paraphrasing here):

"Video is my brand. I want the best possible experience and I know that the web audience is fickle. If players are not loading, streams not available, or the content stinks, I'm going to lose that audience and that puts my brand at risk. With you guys (Brightcove) I know that you're already proven. I don't have to worry about losing audience from bad or inconsistent delivery. I could save a couple bucks a month but it's not worth the risk. I'd rather cut the free bagels on Friday."

At the risk of sounding like a corporate wonk, I was thrilled to hear his comment. I love the fact that we've got the only scalable, dependable, easy-to-use video platform on the market today. I'm really proud of Brightcove and I love helping people deliver the best experience for their brand.

I am bummed about the bagels...