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Training for Success

Back in the 2nd half of 2008 Brightcove Global Services and Support rolled out a new Platform Training initiative.   With focus on classroom delivery, the team has had great success in delivering instructor led, curriculum based content to classes in London, New York, LA and Toronto.

Recently the team has started to roll out online programs as well to further the accessibility of this content: case in point the recent introductory series of Ad Ops Essentials Online.

Fresh off delivering Essentials I and II in Toronto I wanted to write and reiterate the greatness of these classes and how, even for long time users of Brightcove, there is much that can be gained attending them.

Brightcove Training bridges the spectrum between self study, accessible documentation in our Help and Community pages and the extensive highly focused expert engagement of our Launch and Ad Ops packages.

In the class room participants are removed from their daily distractions and put into an environment of focus and interaction.   The classes are designed with very hands on exercises and examples to help lock in what is being taught and also offer a great networking environment amongst your peers.  For me this is one of the great unknown benefits of the training sessions - seeing what others are thinking and doing in the online media industry.

Just this week we had members from the major music and broadcast enterprises in the class all learning about how to best use the Brightcove 3 platform.   We looked at specific challenges and what features and implementations exist to overcome them.   We deep dived on all functional aspects of the platform.  We overlay the content with best practices and experience.   We pulled it all together with hands on practical exercises and examples.

The participants left with renewed understanding of what is possible, how to do it in the best way possible and with creative energy and motivation on a high.    There is no doubt that this is possibly the best ROI that training can bring.

Even students that have been long using Brightcove 3 found out about all sorts of new functionality, tips and tricks to better their implementation.   And we, including the instructor, learned about all sorts of tips and tricks that the users of Brightcove have come up in their unique situation.   For example did you know that you can create a BEML template with a transparent background by just setting the Layout Node heigh attribute t to 0px (you need to keep the width value accurate)?   I didn't until a student demo'ed this in the Essentials II class.   This may not be standard functionality and could change in the future but more to the point is the collaborative sharing of experience that is fostered in the classes and really underpins the entire session.

The Training courses offers something for everyone and I really can't recommend it highly enough.  We're doing it again this week to a packed 3 sessions in London! 

If Brightcove is important to your business then you can't afford not to keep skilled up on the platform and our training courses are one of the best ways of doing this.

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