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Social engagement to drive viewership

Have you ever walked by a restaurant and decided not to go in because you saw nobody sitting down? There's a similar effect with websites. 

Comments and ratings are an easy way to give your website or video library a heartbeat. Suddenly, your viewers know they are not alone. The videos are changing all the time - and so is the discussion. Comments and ratings, as well as other viral sharing tools, are a proven way to retain your existing viewers and get more people to come back to watch your videos. 

Brightcove Professional Services has integrated various comments and ratings packages onto sites as disparate as Sun ( and Wired ( We've incorporated technology from a number of Brightcove Technology Partners, most often JS-Kit, to enable comments and ratings. We were really happy to see JS-Kit's recent announcement with Yahoo. JS-Kit will be using Yahoo's OAuth based authentication system across its network of 600,000 partner sites. This means that commenters on any website can sign in (if the publisher requires authentication) with their Yahoo credentials. This is a great deal for our friends at JS-Kit and good news for anyone considering building comments and ratings into their video library. Congrats to Khris, Felix and team.  

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