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Services uncovered...

But It's So Easy To Use...

I will be the first to admit that the Brightcove 3 platform is incredibly simple and easy to use.   From the initial log in to your account, in a few minutes you can be

  1. uploading media,
  2. creating meaningful video assets,
  3. grouping them into playlists,
  4. setting them to a player experience,
  5. customising and styling the look and feel of that player
  6. publishing it to your pages
  7. connecting it to your ad server and analytics providers
  8. up and running with a fully monetised and integrated online video solution with all the feedback control you need

After a little digging around our Help sections, some technical know-how and attendance to our Training Classes you could even be

  1. Fully integrating Brightcove into your back-end systems architecture (such as a CMS) via our Media API set
  2. Creating fully custom Player experiences using our extensive Player API
  3. Creating brand specific widgets and custom components that integrate with our Players using the new BEML runtime

So it's not surprising that a very common question is 'Why do I need Brightcove Services?'  If your platform is so easy to use why do I need help in getting up and running with it?

We're Here to Help...

Brightcove Services comes in a couple of flavours:

  1. Professional Services - a fully geared up crack team of expert engineers and project managers that can build pretty much anything you want to do with the Brightcove 3 Platform (read their blog here)
  2. Enablement and Knowledge Services - a team of high skilled, highly experienced experts in not only the Brightcove 3 product and methodologies but also in the emerging online video industry that Brightcove is a leading in its definition.

The Services teams have done over 100 global engagements in 2008 across many different industry verticals.  Imagine all the lessons we've learned, all the experience we've gathered, all the expertise we've gleaned, all trends we've identified.  All specific to your local market and industry.    Then imagine all that at your finger tips, laser focused and directed to your specific and unique project needs.  

  • Imagine all the pitfalls you'll avoid. 
  • All the best practice industry defining knowledge you have access to.
  • All the efficiency added to your project based on knowing the right and best thing to do for each requirement. 
  • Having access to a rich, deep and diverse pool of expert technical resources that can assist or fully scope, manage and deliver your requirements
  • Having a team that can do anything from Assist, Guide, Manage to Fully Deliver your vision.

This is what Brightcove Services can do to you and your business.

It's All Complementary...

Access to this information is by no means behind lock and key.   This blog is an example of our desire to make sure we share our thoughts and experience with the larger community.    Or even have a look at our Help section and Forums where you can see everything from specific issues being resolved by experts here at Brightcove to code complete technical examples of how to do weird and wonderful things.

But at the end of the day if your project is important enough to your business then you'll want the best.  So get in touch via your Account Director or Sales Reps (or even email me: cchurch at brightcove dot com!) and see what Services can do for you and the success fo your project.