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Online Video Use-Cases Grow Rapidly Beyond Media Businesses

Reaching well beyond the purview of media companies, today almost every type of business and organization is looking to add online video to their marketing mix. In fact, the fastest growing segment of Brightcove's customer base is now focused on video for B2B and B2C marketing, IT and enterprise applications, healthcare and financial services, education, government and non-profits use-cases. Today, online video has become part of almost every professional online communication strategy imaginable. 

In today's USA Today, David Lieberman wrote an article about this trend which highlights a number of Brightcove customers, including Kohler Co., Vail Ski Resorts, and the Rhode Island School of Design. Vail's CMO, Derek Koenig, who used to work for another Brightcove customer, Discovery Communications, says "Every marketer at every company is trying to crack this nut."

The article also quotes Jeremy Allaire: "It's a gigantic business. Every single month it's just grown and grown, to the point where a majority of our customers now are not media companies. They are people using the Web to market, communicate educate and inform."

Another great illustration of pervasive online video adoption is a case study we published last week with Serena Software. Serena developed original online video programming for their corporate website to promote their Business Mashups solution called Mashup TV. Online video has become a central plank in Serena's online marketing campaigns, which also take advantage of broad distribution strategies, including YouTube. According to Michael Parker, Serena's Senior Director of Global Marketing, "YouTube is a powerful medium because of its massive audience, but we wanted to make sure we had a dual strategy in place to drive our audience to our own website where we could better manage the overall experience. With Brightcove, we have an easy to use, low cost solution that allows us the flexibility we need to create multiple channels and enable our audience to share branded content in a variety of different ways." According to Serena, their online video campaign drove thousands of viewers to the MashupTV site, tripled overall Web traffic to Serena's site and doubled the amount of product and free trial downloads.

It continues to be extremely exciting to see how online video is transforming the Web and becoming such an important communications component for nearly every sector of industry and society.