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Contributor Profile: Jamie Gledhill

As a Senior Technical Consultant with Brightcove EMEA, I am a UK-based member of the Brightcove Consultancy team. Like the other team members, I have a deep passion for all things online video and have had the pleasure of leveraging my expertise to deliver technically-focussed consultancy to customers across a wide range of sectors.

My background is creative design / development so it may come as no surprise that I'm particularly interested in interface design, interaction design, user experience/journey, brand engagement/learning through interaction and how these topics relate to video on the page. What are the emerging idioms in these fields? How does strategy guide technical innovation or does technical innovation inform strategy when it comes to online video user experience? How does brand engagement work on a page where content has higher brand value than context? What are the rules of video player design? I'll be publishing some thoughts and discussions on these and more topics on the At Your Global Service blog over the coming weeks and would be really interested to hear back from those with similar interests.

For my more implementation-level posts please see the developer center – e.g. here you will find an article and sample code describing how to use BEML to create a custom player interface -

All the best.