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Hello, Bienvenue, WillKommen, υποδοχή, Ciao to the new Global Services blog here at Brightcove! 

I'm really excited to be part of Brightcove's initiatives to embrace the power of the community.   During my time with Brightcove I've been privileged to work with many of the largest names in the industry helping them get the best implementation of the Brightcove platform for their business.   So many lessons have been learned and so many cool forward thinking implementations of Brightcove exist.   Through this blog I intend to bring these experiences to you.

Along with looking back we'll also be using this blog to look forward: we'll help seed the community with real ideas about how to push the Brightcove platform to its max and we'll also be inviting members of our Partner Program to showcase how they can help your business.

There's a lot of content to bring to you and to help me do this I'm going to be calling on members of my team and other experts in Brightcove to help.   In subsequent posts I'll ask them to do some introductions for themselves but all in all we're really going to drawing from a very deep experience and expertise pool. 

Probably the most exciting part of this blog is that we intend to make this truly global so we're going to make sure that we devote some of our time looking at your specific local industry and presenting content to you in your local language!  Yes that's right we are looking to make this blog multilingual!   For now we'll be starting in French and German but I hope to soon also get content in Italian, Spanish, Dutch... the list is endless!

To finish things off, this is a blog is for the community and for you.  We want to start a dialog with you so please feel free to use the comment sections if you have any questions, content you'd like to explore, news you have or would like to give us feedback.   We'll definitely be looking out for them.

So here we are, At Your Global Service!

Cameron Church
Head of Services EMEA