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Brightcove Blog-o-Rama

Over the past few weeks, one may have noticed a surge in blogging and activity from Brightcove. What’s up with this?

Kicking of 2009, we set as one of our most important corporate objectives to focus more on ‘customer engagement and empowerment’. What does this mean? In short, there is an enormous amount of accumulated knowledge inside Brightcove employee heads related to online video and the associated technology and business issues. We want to amp up our one-to-many visibility with our customers and the industry, encourage broader community participation, and unlock the value in people’s heads, ultimately making our customers a lot more successful.

We have a pretty interesting birds-eye view – we’re helping to operate thousands of professional video efforts; we interact with tens of thousands of producers, publishers and advertising operations staff around the world; we see the professional online video market from all over world, across every genre and type of professional content, and touch an enormous range of viewers of video on the Web.

All told, over 40 employees are actively blogging from across North America, Europe and Japan. We’ll be updating our blogging platform and experience, so keep coming back for new features and feeds.

Below is a quick guide to some of the new blogs that you’ll find from Brightcove employees.

The Brightcove Corporate Blog. Maintained by our corporate communications team with occasional posts from myself and our head of marketing, this provides a snap-shot into company activities and announcements, interesting and relevant news items related to Brightcove and our industry. Example posts include: Developers, Developers, Developers, a post about a 50-person BC developer meetup in NYC, or Google and Brightcove Team Up, about some recent work we’re doing with Google on online video monetization.

PM Team. This blog is from our Product Management team at Brightcove, and will be a place to learn about features, new releases, and other product focused tidbits. Just today, our director of product management posted about What’s New in Brightcove 3.2, which just shipped this morning.

Interaction Aesthetics. This blog is led by our lead designer, Jeremy Merle, and with participation for the Brightcove design team. It focuses on behind-the-scenes design concepts in Brightcove, tips and ideas for well-executed design on our platform, branding and user experience concepts in online video. Some examples include: 5 useful tips for using your video player to increase your brand, or Design Process: Seamless Sharing, which explores Brightcove’s social sharing features and design.

At Your Global Service. Led by our Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) technical services team, this blog focuses on technical and implementation considerations for the Brightcove platform, and will also feature content in several European languages reflecting our growing European customer base. Some really cool example posts include: Player Specification, which covers some of the design, workflow and business objectives in specifying and creating player experiences with Brightcove, or Brightcove in 3D!, an extremely cool custom player implemented using Brightcove Media and Player APIs and using Flash Player 10’s new 3D rendering. Fun stuff.

More Eyeballs. From our professional and creative services team, this blog focuses on unique user experiences and implementations of Brightcove’s platform. A great recent post is Social Engagement to drive viewership, a commentary on a recent implementation that leverages social tools to drive higher viewer engagement in video.

Brightcove New York. This blog from our New York office will cover a wide range of topics driven by our deep engagement with the New York media and digital media community, including use-cases, technology ideas, and connections in New York.

Ad-Ops Café. From our enablement and knowledge sharing group, Erica Crossen is focused on sharing knowledge and best-practices in online video advertising. We’ve touched hundreds and hundreds of premium online advertising scenarios, technologies and implementations, so this will be a great resource for online advertising professionals focused on video advertising.

Brightcove EMEA. From digital media industry guru and Brightcove EMEA’s head of partners and marketing, Rags Gupta covers trends in online video, activities and news from Brightcove EMEA. Some great recent posts include Online Video a Bright Spot In Media Landscape, which points out the continued strong growth from video advertising despite the global recession, or London Meetup March 26th – it’s not too late, if you’re in London, come hang with BC London.

Jeff Whatcott’s Station. Jeff runs marketing for Brightcove, and will focus on a broad range of topics and trends related to our marketplace. His first post, Mr Cable, Please Tear Down Those Walls, comments on the speculation that the US cable industry is going to create walled-garden on-demand video services for their subscribers.

Jeremy Allaire’s Station. This my personal blog. I’ll focus on a lot of different things, from hyper focused Brightcove tid-bits, to perspective pieces, to engagement with our industry and customer audience in dialogue. A couple of recent posts include: The First ‘Internet Phone’ Circa 1996, which talks about my first experience with the Web on mobile phones, and compares to how far we’ve come, including Brightcove’s recent iPhone work; or, 5 Key Costs of an Online Video Business, a response to a comment that inquired about key cost involved in launching an online video business.

Brightcove Ecosystem. From the team behind our Alliance partner programs, this blog focuses on the braoder ecosystem of solutions and technologies that complement Brightcove and form the whole of the online video landscape. A great recent post is Key Themes from 09 for Online Video Publishers, which explores key themes we’re hearing from our publishers and how our ecosystem partners map to help provide solutions.

Mulholland Method. From our Account Management team, this blog will focus on trends and best practices in online video. Our Account Management team sees everything in our industry and customer base, so will bring unique perspective on the use cases and opportunities in online video. First, why the name? Second, some great posts: Skin sells, about a new and emerging successful online video ad format, the in-skin format, or What’s your consumption?, which notes the significant growth in user time spent with videos within our publisher base.