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Tremor stimulus

While online video advertising CPMs are holding strong, it's rare that anyone has sold 100% of their inventory 100% of the time. With all the swirling economic news of late, now might be a good time to look at some ad networks to bolster your online advertising sales.

I recently had the opportunity to check out Tremor Media's Acudeo product and it's pretty darn good. You can set up Acudeo to kick in when you have unsold inventory or even "waterfall" through other competing ad networks. Using the Brightcove advertising SWF, you could set up your ad policy where your sales team has the right to sell that inventory first. If you can't sell it, it goes to Tremor. If Tremor can't sell it, it goes to Brightroll and so on.

Smart setup and better than waiting for a TARP bailout.

Contact your Account Manager for details.