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Showtime at 30,000 feet

It's a treat to get to use something you've worked on in your personal life. A designer from the iPhone team or the person at IDEO that did the stand-up toothpaste dispenser must get this kind of rush on a daily basis. On the Brightcove Professional Services team, I dare say that's starting to happen to us on a regular basis. We and millions of other people get to touch our work each day on great sites such as Showtime and The New York Times


After a long delay and a cancelled flight on United, I find myself checking out the wifi on the new Virgin America BOS-SFO route. I'm impressed so far with the whole experience, from the purple mood lighting to the retro Doom on the gaming system. But the best part is the Internet connection. I'm a little sad to recognize that one of the few places I could be disconnected will soon be gone. But after a long week and stressful afternoon, it's really cool to kick back and get to check out a full episode of United States of Tara, Showtime's new comedy starring Toni Collette. The full-screen video, using Dynamic Delivery (included in Brightcove 3), is just awesome. The video quality is great and there have been no hiccups. Really impressive for the wifi service - and Brightcove too. And the show is pretty great.