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Brightcove iPhone apps and examples

We recently introduced support for creating web video pages and applications for the iPhone using Brightcove 3.  It's pretty straight-forward and results in some very sweet video experiences.  One of our creative services team members just posted this helpful demo video, sample application and article to help you get started creating video applications for iPhone.

You can check it out on our Developer site.

For those that are technically inclined, here's the basics:

  • Using any BC3 account you can upload video from any format and we'll automatically transcode it into lots of different h.264 (MPEG-4) renditions, from an HD source down to a iPhone compatible low-bitrate version of the video.
  • With our Media APIs, you can easily create dynamic page-based applications that are built on top of your video libraries, and through those APIs select specific files and renditions, such as an iPhone rendition of your content. 
  • The beauty is that it is really easy to create attractive to use and navigate web-based apps that don't require the end-user to find and install an iPhone application (note:  you can also easily create iPhone native installable applications that talk to our Media APIs and play videos, we just think web/HTML based apps are easy for end-users).
If you don't already have a Brightcove 3 account, you can sign-up for a free 30-day trial and get access to all the functionality you need to play.  Also check out our Publisher and Developer community sites for loads of additional content, examples, and a thriving set of Forums.