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Back on the saddle, blogging again

In an effort to build a little more conversation and transparency, I've decided to resurrect a focused personal blog once again.  While over the past several years i have done a little blogging via the Brightcove Corporate Blog, i haven't used a specific personal space where i can write and engage.

Back in 2002 I started blogging while I was CTO of Macromedia, and continued for another couple of years when i was at General Catalyst and founding Brightcove.  My former blog -- Jeremy Allaire's Radio -- which you can check out from back in the 2002/2003/2004 time-frame focused on convergence of media/communications/broadband and was a central place to look at trends and themes that sit behind what is by now common, mainstream and ubiquitous. (Back in Sept 2002 i created a simple web-based audio blogging tool that used Flash mic APIs to create posts -- the app is no longer live, but you can read about it here)

This blog, Jeremy Allaire's Station, reflects that fact that I hope to not only write but also broadcast.  In the coming weeks I'll start to post weekly or bi-weekly video spots (webcast/podcast/whatever) where I talk about key ideas, news and questions from people in the industry or at large.  So please drop me a line via comments with topics you think would be interesting to talk about, and i'll try to weave it into the conversation and commentary here.