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How do I track syndicated players?

Good question, and a tricky issue that has been tough to solve until now. As you may know, most analytics packages use cookies to track visitors and visits, which is almost impossible when you're syndicating content to a site you don't control. Since Brightcove tracks events (not visitors), in most cases we can make use of the 1x1 tracking pixel to make a direct call and add the event to their logs.

So if you want to track syndicated players, you can do so by creating an analytics SWF and passing the player events back to Omniture or Google Analytics. Here's a link to our overview documentation to help you get started.

If you're an Omniture customer, ask your Omniture account representative to send you the Actionsource documentation. If you're a Google Analytics user, they just announced a new feature that removes the requirement to add tracking code to the page, making it easy to track viral players. We'll be updating our documentation in the Help Center to reflect this recent change, but you can get a handle on how it works here: