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Brightcove Alliance - An Ecosystem for Online Video

Today, we announced the formation of the Brightcove Alliance, a broad ecosystem of companies who have announced partnerships with Brightcove focused on enhancing our platform with a massive range of third-party technology, applications, and solutions – nearly 100 companies in all, spanning nearly every size, scale and tier of technology and solution company. (See announcement details here)

This is both a huge milestone for our company as well as the online video industry as a whole.

For Brightcove, this represents a key component of our unfolding strategy to establish a new software platform for video and rich media and on the Internet. With Brightcove 3, we put into place a software platform that would make it possible for nearly any professional website to easily publish and distribute online video. More importantly, we opened up our platform with a wide range of APIs, SDKs and developer resources so that leading technology companies, web services, and solution providers could easily integrate with, add-on to and create solutions and applications for online video with our platform.

For the online video industry, this is also a milestone. While online video has been a broad trend for several years, we are now starting to see it take shape as a true and fundamental category of content on the web --- nearly every website and publisher is looking to use video, and this is driving the need and demand for horizontal software platforms that allow for this ubiquitous adoption of video on the Web.

Following these emerging platforms are a wide range of ISVs, technology companies, content distributors and services and solution providers all looking to enhance what corporations and organizations around the world can do with online video.

Across many key categories of online video, from advertising, to social media, to reporting and analytics, to search and discovery, there are hundreds of companies building innovative products and services to enhance what is possible with video on the Web. We’re really excited to be able to partner with so many great and innovative companies as we explore how to grow the overall online video industry.

Any technology supplier or services company that relates to the broadband web and is interested in making online video an important part of their solution, the Brightcove Alliance program presents a solid opportunity – free accounts, training and enablement on our platform, and participation in field sales and marketing activities.

This is also just the beginning. On a worldwide basis, there are ultimately tens of thousands of technology and services companies that touch professional websites and create compelling technology for content. Our ultimate goal here is to build an ecosystem that can embrace all of these companies and provide a common platform for them to build their businesses around.