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New York Times Re-Launches on Brightcove 3 Online Video Platform

We are very happy to announce the New York Times, the number one newspaper website in the U.S. according to Nielsen Online, has chosen to use the Brightcove 3 online video platform for its new online video offerings throughout its website. The New York Times announced their new video platform earlier today, which introduces video into more sections of the site, including on the home page, in article pages, in blogs and in the video library, making video an even more integral component of the experience.

The New York Times is using Brightcove 3’s dynamic delivery capability to optimize the quality of video for an end user’s bandwidth connection. In addition, Brightcove 3 APIs enable the New York Times website producers to publish video metadata on Web pages to improve search engine indexing and to increase the discoverability of video content throughout the site by including “most recent” and “related video” recommendations. This leads to deeper audience engagement with video content on the site.

This is especially important given the volume of video on the site, as the New York Times produces more than 100 original videos per month. currently houses more than 3,000 videos and also offers select videos from CNBC, MSNBC, Reuters and, as well as more than 15,000 movie trailers and clips.

Today’s announcement marks an important milestone for Brightcove 3 as this is the first major newspaper publisher to implement our new platform. We are thrilled Brightcove has been chosen as the online video platform for this exciting and innovative initiative from one of the world's largest and most well-respected newspapers.