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AOL Adopts Brightcove Platform for Online Video Properties

We are very excited to announce a corporate-wide partnership with AOL that will enable their many Web properties to standardize video operations on the Brightcove platform. As part of the deal, AOL's media content partners will also use Brightcove to manage their online video, publish and distribute content through AOL Web properties. In early 2009, some of the first properties to launch will include AOL Video (the ninth-largest U.S. online video property according to comScore), as well as other popular sites such as AOL Music and Moviefone.

AOL Video is the first major portal to take advantage of Brightcove 3 and our Enterprise Edition, which includes capabilities required to meet the specific needs of aggregators, portals, carriers and operators.

Today's announcement marks a deeper integration between Brightcove and AOL's global advertising services, Platform-A, for ad-supported monetization opportunities and an expansion of a partnership which started back in 2006 when AOL became a minority stakeholder in Brightcove.

Commenting on the deal, AOL Executive Vice President, Kevin Conroy, said: "Implementing Brightcove as the video platform across the AOL Network will help us deliver a richer experience for users and more powerful publishing tools to the editors and programmers who are engaging millions of people every day on sites like AOL Video, AOL Music, Moviefone, Asylum, Lemondrop and Engadget. Working with Brightcove will accelerate AOL's ability to bring new consumer product features and advertising capabilities to market. The partnership with Brightcove is a strong complement to AOL’s strategic focus on making it easier for users to find the videos they are looking for through our network of online video properties, the AOL Video portal and video search services like"

Jeremy Allaire adds: AOL’s adoption of Brightcove signals a shift in the market where even the largest online video publishers are using online video platforms to help drive quality, while also reducing costs. This partnership allows AOL to shift attention away from platform software development and focus instead on core competencies such as aggregating content, creating compelling user experiences, and selling advertising. Rather than building out capabilities on their own, features like Brightcove 3’s new player framework can be easily tapped to improve AOL’s online video initiatives."

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