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Brightcove Transforms Economics of Internet Video with Support for Google AdSense for Video

Today, Brightcove announced support for Google AdSense for video, a new contextual advertising product for online video. While Brightcove does not sell advertising, our Internet TV platform has a number of integration points with advertising servers and advertising networks that help our customers monetize video. Our support for AdSense for video will provide an additional and complementary option available to our customers (beyond the direct ad sales they are already doing) to monetize their Internet video distribution.

Internet video continues to grow at an accelerated pace. The Brightcove platform reaches over 130 million unique users per month across hundreds of major brands. It's clear that flexible monetization options are required to maximize the revenue potential of online video advertising.

To take one example, a big challenge that faces online video publishers today is how to monetize remnant inventory. Traffic spikes resulting from weather events or the passing of a celebrity actor can produce a massive influx of additional online video inventory and not enough advertising to fill the extra video streams. With the Brightcove/Google solution, these publishers will be able to opt their remnant inventory into the Google AdSense network and generate ad revenue against these additional video streams - controlling exactly what inventory gets the advertising and retaining 100 percent of their advertising revenue.

Publishers who use Brightcove to program and distribute video will be able to use their own advertising servers to set policies and target Google AdSense ads into the video inventory they specify. These non-disruptive, clickable overlay ads appear in the bottom 20 percent of the video and are targeted based on the content of the video and the context of the webpage where the video is displayed.

We are very excited to introduce Brightcove support for Google AdSense for video as we continue to champion flexible new opportunities for our customers to monetize their Internet video.

Here's a link to our press release.

Google's AdSense for video beta is currently available through Brightcove in a limited closed beta release with select customers. We plan to make the feature generally available to publishers in 2008.