No results found pushes envelope with new video player

Congratulations to the on the launch of their new video experience.

Together with our colleagues from Time, the new Brightcove Services team designed and developed the experience. Brightcove has a variety of out-of-the-box templates in use all over the web, but Time's needs were very unique. A standard template wasn't the right fit. Instead, a simple Brightcove player (just a playback window and controls) is wrapped by HTML/Javascript (ajax, if you will) navigation that is rendered dynamically off of Brightcove APIs.


It looks and feels different than a standard Flash-centric player, and allowed for some truly custom features. In addition to a unique design, these include a strip of featured videos below the main playback area, a highlighted "Specials" tab (in red), and synced ads in the page and over the navigation area.

We expect to see a lot of new experiences like this, fresh new takes on video players that allow for different styles of interaction and are more SEO-friendly.

Most importantly, the content is fantastic. I love the Bourdain interview and look forward to the upcoming Person of the Year announcement.

We're gratified by the early response from the team.

"It was a pleasure to work with the new Brightcove services team on this project as they met our needs quickly and efficiently. The player is a great improvement for us and we look forward to adding more enhancements to it next quarter." - Catherine Sharick, Executive Producer,