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Tell HBO you love their new show

Brightcove is delighted to have helped bring to life a rich community for HBO's recent hit show, Tell Me You Love Me. Check it out at  Together with the HBO team, we helped design an experience that kept the dialogue going with the show's fans between each episode.


The site integrates the following:

  • a player that takes advantage of the deep customization capabilities of Brightcove templates
  • Beautiful (nice encoding, HBO), large videos that recap each week's action through the eyes of several real couples
  • Brightcove white-label consumer media submission widget
  • Text-based comment system from JS-Kit

It's been gratifying to see such a rich community develop around the show. This was an ideal project to work on from the perspective of the new Services team here at Brightcove - combining superb programming with Brightcove tools, third-party technology, and a deeply branded user experience.

We will soon be posting examples of some other great projects over the next few weeks. There's a lot of innovation happening in the largest media companies. We're happy to play a part.