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Brightcove.TV and Consumer Video Uploads

Earlier today, we sent an email to end-users who have been using Brightcove.TV to upload and share personal video clips. In the email, we explained that starting Dec. 18th, we will be removing the upload feature from the Brightcove.TV website. The email raised some questions we will try to clarify in this post. 

The update to the Brightcove.TV website follows other changes in the Brightcove business strategy - namely, transitioning the limited investment we had made in the consumer-facing Brightcove.TV website to focus exclusively on the Brightcove Internet TV Platform. While the consumer-facing Brightcove.TV website has been popular (e.g.,Comscore reported ~8M monthly unique users in August), it has been dwarfed by the adoption of our Internet TV platform by media businesses around the world. Our growth in the platform space has actually been quite significant with over 4,000 commercial media publishers using Brightcove to distribute and monetize their broadband video properties. These publishers are doing hundreds of millions of streams per month through the Brightcove platform. Rolled up, these publishers deliver over 120 million uniques visitors per month across thousands of websites.

We are extremely excited about this growth and look forward to continued investment, innovation, and international expansion.

It is worth noting that the changes to consumer video uploads at the Brightcove.TV website in no way impact anyone using Brightcove to distribute or monetize videos. What's more, Brightcove publishers still have the opportunity to opt videos into Brightcove.TV, which continues to be a great way to showcase videos. 

Drop us a line with any questions or feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.