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Brightcove to support Adobe Flash H.264 upgrade

We're delighted to announce Brightcove support for the latest version of Flash video. Moviestar, announced today, is the fruit of Adobe efforts to bring the HD-capable H.264 video standard to Flash. Moviestar matches Flash's ubiquity and rich user experience capability with high video fidelity. This is a combination we've all been waiting for since Flash 6, with blocky, instant-on video, first hit.

You can preview the new player at Adobe Labs.

Paramount's decision to throw its weight behind HD DVD this holiday season, rather than Blu Ray, is getting the top tech headlines today. But we'll look back years from now and see that Moviestar was a much more significant milestone.

This is a watershed announcement for the online video industry, and really media and TV as a whole. Quality just improved. TV-like experiences will be possible on the web. Perhaps just as important, consumers, independent producers, and media companies of all sizes will be able to shoot (in some cases), edit, archive and distribute in one format. This will radically alter production workflows and associated investments for everyone.

Brightcove remains committed to Microsoft's Silverlight initiative – which similarly combines rich user experience with high fidelity video, and eventually DRM. Innovation from Microsoft and now Adobe is clearly benefiting everyone in the ecosystem. This is good news.

We expect to roll out Moviestar support later this year in our backend tools. It promises to be a pretty smooth upgrade path for both viewers and thousands of professional video publishers who use Brightcove each day. Brightcove user experiences are already enabled for H.264 support (thanks for backward compatibility, Adobe). And our private-labeled consumer media features, which now support 3GP, should get a boost as well. Brightcove partners won't have to do anything to their existing players to gain this capability. We recommend archiving digital masters in H.264 files to get ready for an upgrade later this year.

An in depth technical overview of the big news is available here.