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Brightcove Takeout - more feeds, more video to go

Takeoutbox We're delighted to announce the debut of Brightcove Takeout - making it much easier to subscribe to videos on any subject matter, or from just about any Brightcove partner. Most importantly it's now a snap for anyone to add relevant, contextual video feeds to their own site or blog. This comes on the heels of the customizable YourMinis widgets we showcased last week.

Look for the orange Takeout box anywhere on to get an RSS feed or "takeout box" Flash widget to go. The videos update automatically, in either feed or widget form, letting you embed once and ignore. Choose from popular categories like music or celebs, or subscribe to an entire channel like Sony BMG.  You'll find the takeout boxes throughout the site, on every category and channel.

Here's an example of a little simple Flash feed, below. Not as customizable as a YourMinis widget, but it shows what's possible with these RSS feeds. We've got a box like the one below, and also a thin, vertical, skyscraper-style box that fits perfectly into a blog sidebar.


To set up your own custom feed of videos:

  • Register a new channel
  • Favorite videos from across the site
  • Grab a feed or takeout box of your favorites

We hope you like these enhancements and some of the other recent changes to the site. Let us know what you think. Better yet - send us some examples of how you are using Brightcove Takeout.