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Jeremy Allaire Profiled in Boston Business Journal

Flag_4 Today, the Boston Business Journal published a very nice profile piece by Lisa van der Pool on Jeremy Allaire, which highlights some of the key stepping stones on the path to Brightcove.  Here are a a few experts:

"Jeremy Allaire does his best thinking on airplanes, an appropriate setting for a man who is known as a visionary in his profession. Allaire, founder and CEO of online video startup Brightcove Inc. in Cambridge, relishes his airborne business trips to the West Coast, because as the earth begins to take shape beneath him, so do his ideas. 'The one safe refuge from all interruptions -- e-mail, phone or family -- is the six-hour flights,' said Allaire. 'Many of my most significant ideas go from jotted notes to articulated and developed concepts on my laptop during those flights.'

"Brainstorming is a must, because Allaire's bread and butter has always rested on pinpointing disruptive Internet technologies before they hit and then converting them into profitable businesses. Before Brightcove, Allaire reached rock star status in the Internet world working alongside his brother J.J. Allaire. The latter formed Allaire Corp. in 1995 and the two developed an early Web tool called ColdFusion, an application server and programming language used to create software, especially for complex and dynamic Web sites, that is now used on 125,000 servers by more than 10,000 organizations worldwide, including more than 75 percent of the Fortune 100 companies. They sold Allaire to Macromedia Inc., now a division of Adobe Systems Inc., for $360 million in 2001.

"Three years ago, Allaire predicted that online video would become huge and launched Brightcove, a company that helps a broad range of video content creators -- from large media companies to amateur video producers -- place their wares online and make money through advertising. To date the company has raised $82 million in venture capital and strategic funding and counts The New York Times Co., Sony BMG, Time Inc. and Wine Spectator among its clients...

"I have for 15 years been focused on how the Internet can be applied to transform media and communications and to do that globally and to affect social and economic divisions," said Allaire. "That's why I'm doing this. What I'd love to leave as a legacy is having contributed to or being recognized for contributing to some of the pillars of how the Internet affected society and the economy. I've been doing this for 15 years. I think there's probably at least 15 more to get to that."

Here's a link to the full article, "Jeremy Allaire: Web Master 2.0. A visionary new media thinker builds his second company"