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Time Inc. Announces Corporate-Wide Partnership with Brightcove for Internet Video; TV Guide Taps Brightcove Syndication Services

We are thrilled to announce two exciting new partnerships today with some of the most well respected magazine publishers and media brands in the world: Time Inc. and TV Guide.

Time_1Time Inc., one of the world's largest content companies with more than 150 magazines including People, Fortune and Time Magazine, will extend its magazine businesses into the Internet video arena with Brightcove. Time Inc.'s popular magazine brands will now have the ability to engage readers in new and exciting ways by bringing compelling video content directly to them while enabling the magazines to retain control over the brand experience. Time Inc.’s Internet video offerings will be supported with advertising in the magazine channels. is the first property to launch Internet video channels on its website with more scheduled to launch in the coming months.

Tv_guide TV Guide has launched a program to expand distribution of it broadband video programming using Brightcove's syndication service and through a new channel on TV Guide is taking advantage of Brightcove's "managed syndication" feature to control the distribution of their Internet video content to select website affiliates. TV Guide has also launched a special TV Guide Broadband channel on, which features original entertainment programming and TV Guide produced special features. Other content highlights include special productions, like red carpet coverage from Joan and Melissa Rivers Live at the Grammy’s, which runs on the linear cable TV channel and edited into separate interviews and offered exclusively the next day on TV Guide Broadband.

You can read the full press releases here:

Time Inc. Partners With Brightcove For Internet Video Initiative TV Guide Broadband & Brightcove Announce Agreement for Syndication of Internet Video

USA Today has a great story today on these Brightcove partnerships with additional detail and quotes: "Magazines Start Studios to Join Online Video Craze," by David Lieberman.