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Share Your Video in Style - Brightcove Personal

This week we introduced some new capabilities on that we think you should take for spin.  Dubbed 'Brightcove Personal', the features allow any end-user in the world to freely create their own channels on  Within these channels, end-users can do a few things:

  • Upload and share their own videos (100MB limit), and embed them on their own websites 
  • Create channel lineups that organize their favorite personal and commercial videos for other viewers 
  • Promote and put comments on their favorite channels from the site.

Offering free video hosting and sharing is, of course, nothing groundbreaking, and this feature, along with pretty much the rest of the site is still very very much a beta, part of much bigger plans for the coming months.  But there are some important things we'd like to call out.

We say 'Share Your Video in Style' for a couple of reasons.   First, you'll notice that Brightcove video sharing is simply higher quality than any other sharing on the Web.  The video quality is higher, on par with the hundreds of thousands of legit commercial videos already on Brightcove.  The embedded video player is also higher quality -- with built-in sharing tools and an immersive full-screen mode, these videos exhibit great.  We think quality matters, and probably like you are tired of seeing and experiencing jerky grainy videos around the Web.

It's also sharing in style because consumers can post and share their content right alongside all of the great professional and commercial channels on our platform.  Your videos play an equal role to the videos in channels from MTV, Warner Music, Newsweek, Fuse, TMZ, Barak Obama, Sony, IFC's Henry Rollins Show, Sky One and thousands more.

With Brightcove Personal, you get a 'My Brightcove' personal page that you can share with others, you can upload as much content as you want, and, of course, you can 'get code' to grab the videos and put them in your own website, blog, or anything else.  Your personal channel page is also dynamically editable, so login and try to edit and change the content on the page or videos themselves.  If you've ever posted a video on a video sharing site, I encourage you to take Brightcove Personal for a spin and compare the experience and quality.

As noted above, we're really just getting started.  We're exploring ways to bring viewers together with producers, to empower consumers to create and share, but also to interact with branded and professional programming in different and powerful ways.  We know there are a lot of basic things still needed, but don't worry, they're coming.

Context for Brightcove Personal

Some people might ask some obvious questions, like "I thought that you could already create a channel on Brightcove for free?" or "how does Brightcove Personal fit in the overall set of offers from Brightcove?".  Both great questions.

A couple of months ago we announced and launched two editions of the Brightcove service -- one is called the Brightcove Network, the other is called the Brightcove Platform.  Both of these are offers for commercial and professional organizations, fundamentally, and both provide access to our advanced platform for operating and running a scaled Internet TV business on the Web, and likewise are aimed at people trying to make money directly or indirectly from online video.  You can explore the differences between these by reading up on our corporate website. 

Suffice to say, these offers provide an organization with advanced upload and ingestion tools, content management and programming tools, advanced player design and customization, advertising and paid download capabilities, a syndication engine for distributing content across the web, a consumer media system for running your own user-generated video capabilities, and a reporting dashboard for tracking your business.  While the Brightcove Network includes automatic distribution of your channel on, like the Brightcove Platform edition, it also empowers you to build highly-branded and diverse video service experiences in your own website.

Brightcove Personal, on the other hand, is simple -- it is a way for consumers and viewers to quickly and easily have a channel on the Web, get high-quality video online and into their personal sites, and just have a good time with online video.  Its for people who have a passion or an interest and want to share and publish it with video.  Of course, you're free to use Brightcove Personal for commercial content, you just won't have the control and flexibility that you'd get from using our broader platform.

Take it for a spin, send us your feedback, and enjoy!