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String Theory in Two Minutes, Or Less!

Discover MagazineDiscover Magazine has launched an exciting new campaign, "String Theory in Two Minutes, Or Less," using Brightcove Consumer Media capabilities.  High school science clubs, university physics departments, and armchair theorists from around the world will have chance to test their wits by attempting to explain one of the most baffling ideas in scientific history. And they only get two minutes to do it!  Video submissions will be collected at Discover Magazine's Two Minutes, Or Less contest website. The winning video will be selected by Columbia University physicist Brian Greene, best-selling author of The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos and will be featured in Discovery Magazine and on the website. Over the coming weeks, video submissions will be featured in a Brightcove Internet video channel on the website. If you're thinking about entering, hurry!  The deadline is 12:00 AM EST, March 16, 2007.