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Robin Good on Brightcove Consumer Media

Another great review from Italian communications expert and new media blogger Robin Good (aka Luigi Canali De Rossi). Here are some excerpts from his recent article, "Create Your Own YouTube: Online Video Publishing Platform Allows The Creation Of Your Own User-Generated Video Site":

Brightcove, one of the major video publishing houses online today, has managed to differentiate itself from other popular video sharing and publishing destinations by sheer virtue of the professionalism, end-user control and high quality of the service it has set out to offer.

In creating a Internet TV publishing platform, with the ability to select from a range of customization, branding and monetization options Brightcove has proved itself, in my humble opinion, to be an ultimately more rewarding experience for independent video producers of all sizes.

The most recent addition to Brightcove's line-up of killer video publishing features is that of a simple means to integrate consumer generated video content into your website or Internet TV channel.

To my knowledge there is not a single other service out there that gives you this ability to create your own user-generated video destination, and this is a very smart, pioneering move on the part of CEO Jeremy Allaire and his team.

Brightcove's consumer media capabilities allow you to create what is essentially your very own niche version of YouTube, whereby your site visitors can directly upload video content to your own branded video thematic destination.

Let's say you are a blog specializing in the latest tech gadgets and so far you have been licensing or syndicating video content from elsewhere, alongside with your own video reviews and articles. So far, so good. But to take things to the next level, you could do a lot more to tap into the knowledge and passion of your site visitors.

What if you asked them to send in their own video reviews or feedback and then published it alongside your existing content?

Here you have one simple example of how you could leverage your audience's knowledge while deepening their involvement with your site, and thus their commitment to sticking around or introducing their friends to it.


Brightcove's consumer-generated video publishing facility allows any online publisher to create her new thematic use-generated video channel. The new service allows publishers to easily configure and embed such new video publishing facilities within their very own sites.

The potential and direct benefits of this video publishing platform are huge and Brightcove free offering greatly facilitates online publishers entry into this new arena.

With such tools in place the hard part will remain the identification of the proper niches of interest that can attract passionate audiences and many video contributors, and, most importantly, the education of the end users on the art of video publishing itself, as nonetheless all the good writing about it, remains difficult and frustrating for most.

Brightcove user-generated media platform is a milestone offering for any online publisher wanting to start her own video site without needing to build the whole required infrastructure from scratch.

If you are headed in this direction, I would strongly advise you to give Brightcove a serious try.

Here's a link to the full article: