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Cable execs jumpstart Internet TV boom

Congrats to our friends over at LX.TV on the great press coverage today. LX.TV, formerly Code.TV, is one of the leaders in a programming boom we've seen emerge over the last year. Like many of our other partners, LX.TV has capitalized on several shifts taking place in the industry to quickly build and launch a hyper-relevant broadband channel:

  • Shooting - Digital Video (DV) cameras have made it inexpensive to shoot high quality video. They've also made it convenient and unobtrusive for a scrappy programmer like LX.TV to get inside of restaurants, clubs and high-interest locales.
  • Production - Like DV hardware, low-cost but powerful non-linear editing systems such as Final Cut and Premiere have brought broadcast quality tools to desktops.
  • Distribution - While the pieces of the puzzle for production came into place gradually over the past 10 years. It's only been in the past year that distribution barriers have similarly been removed.

LX.TV is also fascinating in that it's been built by former cable execs. Several of our partners are led by people who were influential in traditional TV and now marry that experience with these new opportunities.

LX.TV on Scotch