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We think video quality and the overall video user experience is pretty important. It's been nice to see people recognize that aspect of our service in the coverage over the past few weeks. But, the big feature we've been lacking for some time has been a big picture. Like other sites we've experimented with full-window expanded video, but haven't been able to do true full-screen.Until now. We're delighted to be first in line to take advantage of the new full-screen capability of Adobe Flash.

We've lost a few hours of productivity here today doing some full-screen channel surfing. Check it out below by clicking the little expand icon, next to volume, at the bottom of the video window above. The great new Diddy video above features Christina Aguilera. Enjoy.

Note, you may have to install an update to Flash and then restart your browser to try out the full-screen view. This should take just a moment. You may want to copy the URL in case you have to restart your browser.

To try this out on a ton of other great video, you know where to look.