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Warner Music Group and Brightcove Deal

Today we announced an exciting partnership with Warner Music Group.  You can read the high-level details here.  You can take a peek at one of the channels they've launched with us here.

This partnership is exciting for a number of reasons:

  • WMG has proven themselves to be a powerful innovator in the music entertainment industry, forging some of the most innovative distribution partnerships in the video space.
  • The model we've developed with WMG, SonyBMG, and others in the music industry is unique -- we enable them to forge their own direct distribution paths to consumers, tapping the energy of consumers, taking their artists brands and turning them into entertainment programming brands, and turning what has been a promotional vehicle into a revenue-generating business via broadband advertising.
  • It's also unique in terms of how they are tapping our syndication marketplace to enable nearly any website on the planet to become a distributor of great programming, whether through viral syndication tools (e.g. cut/paste embed codes) or managed affiliate relationships where the websites get great content and the prospect of a revenue stream.

A good deal of attention was placed on the WMG partnership with YouTube on the day they announced their sale to Google.  That deal, focused on distributing through one site, can be contrasted with the Brightcove approach, which empowers the content owner to control their own distribution and drive their content out broadly through the Web while retain control over the programming, branding and monetization of their content.  It's a good contrast between the Brightcove way and the YouTube way (e.g. forcing the hand of content owners by enabling consumers to pirate media and create audience).

Choice and control is a deep meme for Brightcove as we unleash programming throughout the Internet.

The model we've developed with WMG, SonyBMG and others is something we want to unleash for any creator of video content, and we're just about to do just that -- stay tuned for the introducing of a model for Internet TV that will open the door for any creator, and create new opportunies for consumers and website owners across the planet.