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Tune in to the newest Internet TV channels

I have some good news for those of you who have followed and, hopefully, enjoyed the frequent spotlights here of various Brightcove-enabled Internet TV channels. We've created a new guide to show off the amazing programming coming from our partners. Christina Aguilera, New York restaurants, Caribbean scuba diving, and the top hotels of the world are just a sampling.

Putting this guide together has provided me with a great macro perpsective on what our partners have accomplished to date.

  • Best-of-breed user experience.
    Our partners have used the Brightcove system to launch experiences that are deeply branded and integrated with their existing web presences, and most importantly, easy to use for their viewers.
  • Large scale.
    There's a ton of diverse programming to be seen from Brightcove's partners, but it's not all about say, sailing videos. Some of the largest media companies in the world have been using Brightcove to enable their Internet TV businesses.
  • Business building.
    Many of our partners are already taking advantage of Brightcove's advertising capabilities, with additional options for building revenue streams coming soon.
  • Time to market.
    I see new programming launching daily. Some of our partners have brought their Internet TV channels online in a matter of just days. It's nice to see the friction associated with online video getting removed, letting storytellers focus on what it is they do best.