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Promoting video with Brightcove Badges

Important note: This blog post describes a feature in Brightcove 2 that has been superseded by a later release. For the best approach to using badges in the current Video Cloud release, see this example.

We were recently encouraged by our partners at The N to create a Flash application that highlights the active programming of a Brightcove player.

We really like how this feature turned out, and hope you do as well.

These Brightcove Badges can be used with any Brightcove player that publishes an RSS feed. The badge surfaces the thumbnails of the latest videos and provide links to launch the player and start the video.

Some partners, like Shipwreck Central, use a badge to promote videos on their home page and drive traffic to their broadband channel. The N wants to give the badge code out to their viewers so they can plug them into their MySpace pages, and keep in touch with the programming back at The Click - The N's broadband channel. In this syndicated model, a badge acts like a remote EPG highlighting the current lineup programming.

Copy The N's code:

For our content partners you can learn how to create your own badge through our new online documentation.