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Newsweek, now playing on Brightcove

Media brands have intrinsic value - they've always stood for something to their viewers/readers/listeners. Often, the medium has been flexible, the message more important. Take for example, National Geographic, which started as a society, spawned a magazine, and decades later came to television. The mission and message remained the same.

As the media world becomes so fragmented, we consumers will need more filters to help us sort through a vast amount of choice. Existing brands, in particular magazines and newspapers, have an incredible opportunity to help their readers by extending their voices to video.

We are already seeing a major push from traditional print publishers to move into Internet TV programming. Smart Money and Technology Review are excellent examples of this trend. Now, one of the greatest mass market magazines, Newsweek, is extending its voice to a new medium.


Newsweek has launched a fantastic Internet TV companion to the magazine. Film outtakes, music videos and even audio news stories are featured. Freed from the page limits of a print magazine, the Newsweek editors can now to tell more comprehensive stories like Zero Hours, a special package that examines the controversy behind the 9/11 memorial.