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Very nice to see the launch of today.  I've had the privilege of spending quality time with the founders of and am impressed with their vision and execution.  Here's a snapshot of the channel, and some additional comments below:

There are a few interesting things to call out about this unique Brightcove-based broadband channel:

  • The Founders and Producers. was launched by a team of seasoned MTV Networks managers and executives, individuals involved in launching a range of new businesses.  What we're seeing more and more of are talented producers and digital media executives launching new Internet TV businesses.  When we launched Brightcove, we envisioned we'd be helping to create a broad enough distribution platform and marketplace that it would foster a great deal of entrepreneurial activity, and it is gratifying to see talent from the TV industry launching these new businesses.
  • It's also a great example of how the Internet can support focused micro-markets for content in a manner that traditional television distribution cannot.  While it's plausible that this kind of content could find it's way into a Cable VOD system, that doesn't feel like the right kind of user experience.  This high-quality, web-based on demand format where the user can easily link around, share, blog and subscribe to the programming, or even link into detailed information through CitySearch or Google Maps makes sense.
  • is also exploring new user experiences for their broadband channel, and are one of a select base of publishers and programmers who have been given access to Brightcove's Internet TV APIs.  Brightcove's Internet TV service is expressed as a suite of building block components that accelerate launching these channels, and in partnership with one of our interactive design partners, Code & Theory out of New York City, put together a unique and compelling experience.  As we open up our web services to the broader community of web developers and designers, it will be exciting to see the new metaphors for experiencing Internet TV that will emerge.
  • Sharing and Discovery. has done a nice job embracing the various sharing and discovery services that Brightcove enables for broadband programmers, including easy link and email sharing, blog posting and viral syndication, and provides video RSS feeds for people to easily add the programming to their home page or desktop aggregator.  Good stuff.  The RSS Feed is here.

Congrats to the team, and looking forward to Boston! :)