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What Media Becomes

There's an incredible focus in the online world on the transformative role of video on the Internet.  The topic is, of course, near and dear to us at Brightcove.  But the transformation in media expression and distribution goes well beyond video and into a realm of content experiences that I like to refer to as multimedia programming.  What's taking place is a wholesale shift in the design and production of programming, and the borders and barriers that have defined media distribution in the past are collapsing -- the physical medium that defined media entities are collapsing.  Radio companies have been defined by audio broadcast; newspaper and magazine companies by printed physical distribution; television companies largely by broadcast of video content, etc.  But broadband media is reshaping all of this -- print companies are becoming online companies and getting into audio and video; radio companies the same, getting into photography and video, and TV networks are leveraging their brands and audiences to build new media products that aren't video, but are deeply engaging online experiences.  And, of course, thousands of entrepreneurs are now launching new media business that express online content in all of these forms -- so-called 'multi-platform' media companies.

This shift towards media experiences that blend video, audio, photography, text and other forms of interactivity is largely what motivated Brightcove's acquisition of Seattle-based MetaStories, the makers of StoryMaker, a very powerful online service for easily creating these types of experiences.  We haven't talked a lot about what we're doing with StoryMaker and the service, but I wanted to share a sneak at the kinds of expression that are possible with the combination of StoryMaker and Brightcove.

Just this week, one of our key content partners, Discovery Communications, launched Discovery Pro Cycling --- a deeply expressive broadband channel experience that combines text, audio, video and photo-journalism in a unique experience.  Discovery is an exmplar for TV networks --- they're leveraging their very deep video assets to anchor an Internet TV offer, but combining it with other forms of rich media.  This entire experience is published, managed and delivered through Brightcove.

We're very excited about opening up these forms of expression to any aspiring Internet media entrepreneur, and enabling new forms of distribution and reach for these publishers.  Stay tuned.