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Online Video Viewing Increases 18 Percent in Last Six Months

A new study released by comScore Networks shows that online viewing of video content has increased by 18 percent between October 2005 and March 2006. These numbers translate into some remarkable month-by-month statistics.  For example, in March, consumers accessed 3.7 billion video streams and close to 100 minutes of online video per viewer for that month alone. Broadband video viewing is quickly becoming a more mainstream characteristic of everyday Internet behavior.

The comScore study also signals unique opportunities for advertisers. Online video viewing has increased across all demographics. In Clickz News yesterday, Erin Hunter from comScore explains, "It's not just college kids. It's also the older demographic, and clearly it's males and females both. In terms of content, we see entertainment and sports and news all with pretty strong rates of viewership." That said, it also appears that the strongest usage statistics are associated with the coveted 18-34 year old, male demographic (averaging 140 minutes of streaming video content per month!) 

These numbers are particularly striking when considering that over two-thirds of consumers are accessing the Internet through broadband connections. This means that marketers, today, have an increasingly large pool of opportunities to reach important demographics and niche audience segments with rich and compelling video advertising. This also means that the opportunities for video content owners to distribute and monetize broadband channels will continue at an equally accelerated rate of growth.