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MomMeTV - Motherhood Channel

A week doesn't go by here without a compelling new niche Internet TV channel launching.  This week, MomMeTV caught my attention.  Founded by former TV producer and Internet TV entrepreneur Missy DePew, this is a wonderful example of the range and richness of niche content and networks that's made possible by distribution systems such as Brightcove. 

Some really notable things about this launch that are worth calling out:

  • With a little professional design, they were able to launch a rich branded channel experience that expressed and surfaced their brand in a unique way, but without doing any 'custom development'
  • This is a new programming property that deeply leverages consumer-submitted media (so called MomCasts) but without loosing an editorial voice and controls that a community safe and compelling.  The content is both professionally produced and also is the consumer's voice.
  • They are tapping the power of Internet TV syndication and creating an offer through the Brightcove syndication engine where any mother, baby, parenting or other website that wants to carry this content can easily sign-up and distribute the content, but in a manner that protects the brand of MomMeTV and helps drive traffic back to their broadband channel.

Clearly, too much attention has been given to the novelty of consumers sharing videos of their cat falling off the couch, or college students doing crazy things in a dorm room -- these 'viral videos' are interesting, but the real transformation is when consumers take their deep and personal interests and express those in rich Internet TV channel experiences that can have meaning for an audience, and in a model where the Internet TV entrepreneur's behind them have an opportunity to build a real business.