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Earlier this year we announced a broad corporate partnership with the New York Times Company that would allow them to distribute and syndicate their video programming with Brightcove.  Today, the first major initiative has launched -- the Video Guides.

This is exciting for us for a few reasons.  First, it exhibits a new user experience design from Brightcove -- as more and more broadband channels launch, we're starting to see new interaction designs and use cases, and we think you'll find the About experience very pleasing.  Secondly, and more interesting, is what this represents  generally --- the world of Internet TV invites all forms of media producers and companies to distribute television programming, from TV networks, to newspaper companies, to existing online web properties.  Finally, this project will become an experiment in large-scale commercial video blogging -- the "Guides of" are de facto commercial bloggers, and they're now becomming video producers in their niche areas of interest, expressed through video instead of text.  It will be exciting to see this new class of creator and producer help shape this medium.