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Brightcove Viral Syndication at Work

In recent weeks there has been spiraling buzz about consumer's sharing viral videos through open sharing services, and cross-posting content in services like MySpace.  We call this behavior "consumer's as affiliates".  In the past, TV broadcasters and content owners would 'syndicate' content to 'affiliates' who would pay them handsomly for their content.  In a world where the only people who can package and distribute content are other broadcasters or cable companies, this seemed like a reasonable path.

In this new friction-free Internet TV realm, it's possible to reach consumers anywhere on the internet, and to capture a single individuals passion for content and empower them to act as an 'affiliate' and distribute your content.  Consumer as affiliate in essence means that consumers can find, pick, aggregate and redistribute what they find interesting, and extend the distribution of the origin content owner.

The Brightcove service offers publishers of rich media and video with a broad framework for managing these types of distribution -- from wild and wide open viral syndication where anyone can redistribute content, to controlled affiliation with auditing, monitoring and reporting of how your content performs through affiliates, to complete private affiliate agreements that include deep co-branding between the content owner and the distributor (this model almost mirroring the world of TV syndication today).

Viral syndication is great, especially if you as the content owner and publisher can control how your content is packaged and presented, can update what's been distributed with new content easily, and can protect and project your brand.  More important, it's great if with these virally syndicated player packages you can also monetize that traffic through advertising or collecting payments.  These are all things Brightcove syndication allows for today.

Once again, our friends at Barrio305 are at it again.  They've just launched a free viral syndication offer for anyone with a MySpace page, blog or website to 'carry' their package.  Take a look below for a simple example, or check it out on MySpace, and here's the offer on their own site.  They're not giving away all of their content, and the built-in links drive traffic back to their own website where they offer a deeper, richer and full broadband channel experience (also run on Brightcove).  And, Brightcove's built-in search engine indexing techniques ensure that when text crawlers find these players that the links to the content in them also point back to home-base, driving search engine traffic to their core destination.  It all adds up to more traffic, happy consumers, and broader reach for their content.  Good stuff Barrio!