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My Brightcove epiphany

I had one of those moments this weekend. The kind when clouds part, light shines down, you hear a choir in the background and everything becomes suddenly crystal clear.

I missed the season premiere of O'Grady on The N. I haven't been in The N's target demographic since innovative kids programming was all about green slime, but with Conan O'Brien and Amy Poehler guest-starring, my interest was piqued. Wasn't there to watch the premiere late on Friday and forgot to record it. And it's not available on VOD. And if it was, I would have a devil of a time finding it on that terrible VOD user interface. Normally, I'd be out of luck.


Instead, I went over to and quickly found the entire premiere, including some web exclusive outtakes. It was my usual Saturday morning. I was flipping through a cookbook, petting the dog, lazing about - but watching a show on the web. While I've downloaded or watched online video from time to time, it has most often been short-form or a novelty, such as Live 8. This was the first time that Internet TV fit seamlessly into my life. I'll look back on that moment years from now like I now do my first email, online purchase and map lookup - activities that have become indispensable from my every day life. Daily activities that when looking back, you can't imagine living without.

Getting to work with the team from The N and Noggin over at MTV Networks has been a real treat over the past several months. This project just scratches the surface of what we can expect from them in the near future.

From Brightcove's perspective, there are a few important things to highlight:

  • Deeply integrated look and feel, with full control over branding and design.
  • Full episode available for viewing, in addition to the web exclusives.
  • Very high-quality video. Animation compresses so nicely.
  • Conan's hair is not as big as it is in real life.