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Business 2.0's Erick Schonfeld has a nice take on the atomization trend in digital media. Call it microchunks, slivers, snacks. Relevance and accessibility are paramount. VC Fred Wilson articulates these principles well:

First, of course, microchunk it: Reduce entertainment to its simplest discrete form, be it a blog post, a music track, or a skit.

Second, free it: Let people download, view, read, or listen without charge. Third, share it: Let consumers subscribe to content through RSS- and podcast-style feeds so they can enjoy it wherever and whenever they like. Finally, the moneymaking part: Put ads and tracking systems into the digital content itself.

BTW, kudos for the All Your Base reference. Can you imagine if Mahir had iMovie?

Link: Now Serving: The Media Microchunk - Mar. 13, 2006.