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Brightcove partners grab headlines

Recently I've noticed the team at Brightcove stopping in the midst of conversation, taking a moment to appreciate the wonderful projects we're getting to work on and the extreme creativity exhibited on top of the Brightcove service. and KidzBop are two such examples. We were delighted to read about them both in major national papers this week., digital media startup

It was particularly nice to see the three Otálvaro brothers behind staring back at me from the cover of The Miami Herald business section. They launched the first iteration of their urban Latino video community with little more than a call or two over to Brightcove. So I didn't know what they actually looked like until yesterday.

Like a high-tech startup building on MySQL, Linux, cheap Intel boxes and, is a poster-child for the new breed of digital media startup. For people with extreme creativity and marketing savvy, lower-cost production tools were one piece of the puzzle in starting a digital media business. It's gratifying to see Brightcove become another.

KidzBop at the top of the charts

This one has less to do with Brightcove, but we couldn't resist basking in the afterglow. KidzBop is the number-two album in the country. Growing in popularity over the past ten years, KidzBop features tweens singing sanitized pop songs. Kids love it. And I can imagine that for parents, KidzBop might be the best part of seeing their kids grow up past diapers and The Wiggles.

Brightcove has been so pleased to be working with the KidzBop team as they branch out into music videos.