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iMedia Connection Interviews Adam Gerber on Advertising & Internet TV

Adam Gerber, Brightcove's VP of Ad Products & Strategy, has a featured interview in iMedia Connection this week. In the interview, Adam explains how Brightcove is developing innovative opportunities for marketers that leverage Internet TV and take advantage of emerging media landscape, which is characterized by publisher and consumer control.  Here's an excerpt from the interview:

"In this initial phase of video expansion to the web and to new digitally connected devices, Brightcove will drive advertising innovation in a number of areas:

  • Most importantly, we will be delivering compelling web-based video opportunities to agencies and marketers to drive quality supply in an underserved marketplace.
  • We are building a highly valuable network of content that offers advertisers both breadth in terms of reach, and contextual relevance through vertical channel opportunities.
  • We'll be innovating how sites within the network are packaged, and how they are brought to market. That means everything from the level of control advertisers have in 'building' their network, to the types of ad formats and integrations we innovate.

In an unconstrained distribution environment, there are limitless categories of vertical content that can blossom to create a viable marketplace."

Read the entire interview, "Charting the Future of Internet TV"